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In the north coast of the Greek island you will find the town of Rethimno. The third biggest city in Crete, Rethimno is a town with unique features. The old town combines history, charm and romance.

Its magical atmosphere its Venetian and Turkish appearance makes the town a very romantic place to be. Rethimno is a never ending paradise.

What to do:

The southern coast of the town has plenty of beautiful beaches.

Venetian Harbour built is a very historic beautiful place surrounded by tavernas and cafes. For a more atmospheric perspective, walk around the harbour walls.

Holy Monastery of Arkadi is one of the most historic monasteries of Crete and it is located around 23km from Rethimno. It was established during the 5th century and became widely known due to its participation in the war against the Turkish. It is now considered to be the European monument of Freedom.

The venetian castle of Fortezza makes the town more photogenic, surrounded by charming architecture buildings. There are a range of souvenirs and Greek jewelry shops.

Outside Rethimno

For those who like to walk in the country, Mili George is the ideal place for you. It is located 7km outside Rethimno and it is a paradise of peace. The hill is full of green with trees and plants and there is the sound of many kind of birds. It is worth hiking this place.

In the southern coast of Rethimno, there are plenty of beautiful beaches. One of them is in Bali and it is located 30km from Rethimno. It is car accessible from every part of the island. The calm greenish waters of bali will leave you stress free. It is suitable for all kind of ages.

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