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Kastelli Airport

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Kastelli Airport Car Rental

Kastelli Airport is a new international airport that is located on the island of Crete, Greece. For a long time, its construction was put off to the far box due to the crisis. But construction finally began in 2018. This airport will now be able to receive between 7 and 10 million passengers a year and has a total area of twice the size of the current airport in Crete. In addition to various Duty Free stores and currency exchange services, there will also be car rental companies on Crete Island. Car rental at the airport Kastelli will save your time, money and nerves to find the right bus or taxi to your hotel.

It is a little about Kastelli:

It is a small city, more precisely a corner of the land, where all the craft, farming and tourism gathered. A quiet and cozy town attracts its dark history. Every excavation, every skeleton found in the closet will tell you about the events that happened here once. Kastelli has a huge number of places mandatory to visit. With ease and accessibility, you can visit them if you drive a rented car. Experienced tourists of these places will agree that there is nothing better than a car for country tourist trips. At the moment, the construction of the airport is going on. Approximately the completion of construction works is planned for the second half of 2025.

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