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Heraklion City Car Rental

Heraklion is the heart of Greece. A busy and colorful city with ancient history. Life boils and doesnt stop. But it is rare to meet tourists in modern parts of Iraklion. But in the Old City, it often happens that locals are lost among a huge flow of tourists.
In the Old City, you will meet a considerable dozen beautiful small streets, telling a story about Venetian and Turkish rule, while at the same time getting acquainted with the ancient architecture of the city. It will be perfectly suited to fans of slow hiking.

What to do:

Along the way, you will meet a large number of cafes, restaurants, taverns, and bars. You wont meet such an establishment, wherever there are tourists. A pleasant surprise can be the kitchen here, prices and owners of establishments. It was not rare for the owners of a restaurant end cafe to treat their visitors to an additional dish.
You can also visit St Titus Church. The founding date is 961 after the expulsion of the Arabs. This church was one of the symbols of Iraklion. During the Ottoman Empire, it was transformed into a mosque.
The street on August 25 is the central avenue of the historical part of Iraklion. This street connects the harbor and Lion Square. It was named after the tragic events that took place on 25 August 1898, when the Turks executed hundreds of Christians.

Outside Iraklion:

Crete its most famous landmark is Knossos Palace and one of Europs most important archaeological sites. It was built by King Minos in the second millennium BC. The area of the palace complex was more than 20,000 square meters and is the largest structure on the island of Crete. The palace is five kilometers from Iraklion on Kefala Hill.
Unfortunately, in the city itself, you will not find well equipped beaches, but in its environs, the coast is simply created to enjoy the warm sea air to enjoy swimming in the sea. A blue flag rises above each beach, as a sign that beaches and water are clean and environmentally friendly.

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