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Vulisma Beach

Vulisma beach in crete

Vulisma Beach

Needless to say, that the beach of Voulisma is one of the most beautiful on the island of Crete?

It is within walking distance from the village of Istron, so it is also known as the beach of Istron. 
His landscapes are often applied to gift cards and magnets. Tourists love its Golden sand and bright turquoise water. The coast is quite shallow, so you can safely come with small children. 
The beach is equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, cafes and a huge number of walks on the water. 

If you walk to the East, you can see a very small Peninsula, where a secluded beach is hidden. There is nothing here but nature. This attracts tourists who are looking for a relaxing holiday. Also, the place was chosen by nudists. It is understandable why. 

You can drive a rented car to the beach and there is a Parking lot for this purpose. Convenient, isn't it? Across the road, you can run into several taverns-cafes for a snack. 
In such establishments, you can try the famous skewered suckling pig or lamb, which is served with baked potatoes and or salad. Perfect for company and children.

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