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Vai Beach Crete

Vai Beach

Vai Beach Crete

A visit to Vai is a must if you are planning holidays on Crete!

The combination of a majestic beach and a rare palm forest creates a real exotic flair. According to a legend, Arab pirates who arrived on the beach threw the cores of the dates they were eating and 5000 palm trees grew from them. Camping is not allowed in the night in the forest, which covers an area of 60 hectars and is protected by the Forest Authority. The beach is well organized and has been awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union.

Vai - is a tropical beach with fine sand and pebbles, as well as crystal clear waters, reminiscent of the Caribbean. It is located at a distance of and 24 km from Siteia, easter from Agios Nikolaos. Since the beach is very popular for tourists, especially those who visit Crete for the first time, keep in mind that parking prices, umbrellas and food here are very high.

· Water color - turquoise

· Color of sand – white

· Depth – shallow

· Crowded

· Easy track

· Food/Water nearby

· Umbrellas/Sunbeds/Showers

· Lifeguard

· Water Sport

· Ideal for snorkeling

· Nudism Friendly Beach

· Blue Flag

· Distance from Heraklion – 152 km

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