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Trip to Crete

Trip to Crete

Trip to Crete

Every time you go on a trip, the thought flashes - What is best to take with you, and what can be bought already on arrival?

We decided we didn't want you to break your head about it and write a list of what could be carried with you to Crete.

Save to avoid losing

1. Be sure to take your umbrella with you if you are going to go in May, late September or October, and even better if you take a sweatshirt and windbreaker. It's cold in the evenings these months. And you don 't want to sit in a hotel when it just starts when it's dark!

2. The big problem of all places where warm enough is mosquitoes and mosquitoes. So, don 't forget to take the raptor with you. Take it with you in the evenings for walks, and no one will want to bite you.

3. Take your first aid kit with you. Stock up on throat pain medication, antipyretic, painkillers and runny drops as there is quite a scant choice of medication on Crete.

4. Exchange rubles or dollars for euros at home, as on the island in some shops and banks the rate is unfavorable.

5. If you suffer from pumping (especially relevant for those who rented a car), take Dramina with you

6. Do not neglect sunscreens, preferably with SPF 30-50 protection!

7. In order not to carry with you forever a passport, simply make a copy of the passport and carry it with you in a bag or backpack. And it is best to make copies of all the documents and store them in different places. Okay, just in case.

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