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Seitan Limania

The Best Beach in Crete

Seitan Limania Beach

The name of the beach Seitan Limania can be a little wary of a person who is not familiar with the less famous beaches of Crete. This is really a miracle of the nature of devilish beauty! An incredibly bright turquoise color sea, rocks, sun, wild beach made of small gray pebbles - will not leave a single tourist indifferent.

Most likely, this name was acquired by the harbor because of the rocks hanging over the sea. Although the ship will not be able to pass here, there are no storms and strong winds.

Recently, this place is quite popular among tourists, so be prepared that you will not be alone on the beach.

How do you get to the beach?

It can be done by car. But before you do this, you should rent a car at any airport in Crete, or in large cities. It won't take much time and effort. And in this way, you can be free in your actions and travel throughout the island.

The road to the harbor is completely paved. You need to drive from the city of Chania on the way to the airport. There is a serpentine to Damn Harbor. Then you need to follow the route to the village of Xordaki. After that, you will need to turn along the pointer towards the town of Rizoskloko. As soon as you reach the church of St. Raphael you will need to open the gates and enter, but do not forget to close them behind you so that the sheep do not run away and continue to drive forward.

Once the normal road is over, you can leave your car and go down to the sea. The path will take about 10-20 minutes. We recommend you wrap yourself in comfortable shoes before traveling since in flip flops you will be uncomfortable. The road to the sea is rocky and dangerous in some places since the stones under the feet will spill down, so be careful when descending.

Here you will find a sea of hobbies. Jump from a rock into the water, dive with a mask, take pictures with a mountain goat, enjoy the Cretan hot sun, meditate, engage in yoga, and someone can even swim naked.

Do not forget to take food and water with you, since there is no infrastructure for a full holiday on the beach! Also, take an umbrella or headdress with you to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Put everything in your backpacks, as your hands should be free during the descent. The harbor is not suitable for tourists with children and those who are afraid of heights.

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