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Samaria Gorge

Samarya National Park

Samarya National Park

In the southwest of the island of Crete is one of the most famous natural attractions - the Samaria
Gorge. This is the largest gorge in Europe, its length is 18 kilometers, and the width is from three to
three hundred meters.

A few millennia ago, the first villages appeared here. In the sixth century BC, the city of Tarra existed
on this site. People liked living in this gorge because of the beauty of nature and the beautiful climate.
They come here to get acquainted with the ancient culture of the island and see the rare species of
animals and plants living here.

While walking along the gorge, you will meet traditional rural houses. Thanks to them, you can fully
experience the life, morals, and traditions of local residents.
There are also several ancient churches in the gorge, such as Agios Nikolaos, Osia Maria, Christ
Church, and the Church of St. Mary of Egypt.

Samarya National Park itself is protected by UNESCO since the reserve is home to rare species of
flora and fauna. More than 200,000 people come here every year.
Before you gather on a trip along the gorge, evaluate your strength. For a walk, you will need not only
good equipment, but also physical fitness, and the absence of problems with the legs and back.
Prepare comfortable closed shoes. Preferably with a thick sole, as you will have to walk a lot on
stones. Clothes: shorts, T-shirt and headdress.

Take water and food with you, since throughout the gorge you will not find shops and taverns, only
natural water sources.
You can get to the gorge in two ways: by car and by tourist bus. If you are an independent tourist and
crave adventure, then we recommend renting a car. This can be done at any airport on the island of
Crete, or in a large city.

How to reach?

Drive to Omalos by car. There you can leave a car in the parking space. The entrance to the gorge
costs 5 euros per adult. After the gorge, you can walk to the village of Agia Rumeli and two small
ships depart from there. One of them sails to Suya. Just from this town, there is a bus to the city of
Chania with a stop in Omalos, where they just left the car.

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