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The Richtis Gorge

in Crete

Richtis Gorge in Crete

One of the most beautiful and frequently visited gorges of Crete is the Richtis Gorge.

It is located in the eastern part of the island 16 kilometers from the town of Citia and 53 kilometers from the town of Agio Nicolaos. It begins with the village of Exo Muliana and ends on the north coast with the beach of Richtis of the same name.

The length of the gorge is approximately 3-4 kilometers. Some do not reach the end, reaching the famous Richtis Falls unfold back and go to the car.You can get to the gorge by rental car. You can rent car in airport Heraklion, on airport Chania, airport Kasteli or in any major city in Crete. For cars near the gorge there is a small parking lot, a stand with information about the gorge and the map itself.

Some tourists leave the car and walk, but forget that they will have to go to the slide somewhere a mile and a half, which is not easy. Especially before the entrance of the gorge there is a paved road.

Tips for those going to go to the gorge:

1. Be sure to take water with you

2. Don 't go to gorge after rain, rocks can be very slippery

3. Wear comfortable shoes as the road there is uneven

4. And don 't forget the camera, the gorge is worth it to capture on camera

There is a huge amount of vegetation in the gorge. Birds sing their songs and a river flows down the bottom. And at the end of the tourist 's journey, we wait for an incredibly beautiful waterfall.

There are quite few people in the gorge, but you can meet European travelers. Everyone is sure to say hello when they cross.

It is worth going down to the waterfall very carefully, but the view of you will not disappoint. There are comfortable shops with tables so you can enjoy nature and a delicious picnic.

Remember that the gorge is not suitable for walking with children, as there are difficult passing and sometimes dangerous places for children.

The Richtis gorge on the island of Crete has not yet left anyone indifferent to themselves!

Coordinates of Lachanas Bridge, from where Richtis Gorge begins: DD: 35.173479.25.993204, DMS: N35 ° 10 '24.5, "E25 ° 59' 35.5." 
Parking coordinates on the road: DD: 35.164233.25.989079, DMS: N35 ° 9 '51, "E25 ° 59' 20.7

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