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Rent Car in Greece Crete

Rent Car in Greece Crete

Rent Car in Greece Crete

Is it so scary to rent a car on Crete a trip?

We have often heard that for many, renting a car in a foreign country during tourism is a problem. But what problems can there be if you follow simple rules and be careful?

Crete is just set up for car trips. And what wonderful views you will open on the time of the trip!What do you need for an unforgettable holiday?

• Excellent mood

Full insurance (mandatory)

• Pre-prepared routes

• The curator who will always be able to help and give full advice

• Leased car

Some tips and rules

1. In Crete the Russian rights where the name and a surname are written by Latin are valid. And it's better to make international rights. It will not superfluous.

2. To save on the taxi from the airport, it is possible to rent the car directly there. We advise renting for at least three days.

3. If it is not convenient for you to rent a car at the airport or it was not in your plans, then I can bring the car to your hotel and not charge a separate fee.

4. Surely read reviews of the rental car company.

5. Remember if you ask from you as a deposit the passport or the rights, then the company works AGAINST laws.

6. In the city always park on paid parking in port. It will save you nerves and money.

7. Greeks drink wine during the lunchtime, do not repeat after them if you are driving.

8. If you on the road are overtaken with a speed of 100-120, at sign 40-60, do not try to increase speed too. 
There are too many turns on Crete, behind another turn!

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