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Peza Winery

Peza Winery in Crete

Peza Winery

Travel around Crete Island by rental car and don't stop by the edge of winemaking?

Only the most exquisite gourmets and wine lovers will never miss the tasting of Cretan wines. Practically all winemakers are located in the same area, and only 70% of the total number of winemakers is located in the village of Peza south of Heraklion.

The history of wine-making enterprises is long and indescribable. The beginning of fishing takes place in the Minoan era. That is, for more than 4,000 years here produce all kinds of wines, from white to red.

In Peza, attention is paid more to dry white and red wines. Visitors visit the wineries in the village's three wineries. You can go on a tour yourself, just by car. The car can be rented in the capital of Crete, at the airport of Iraklion or in any other place. And for those who don't want to worry about it, excursions are offered. Usually, such excursions include a stay in the village of Trapsano, where you can study the clay modeling more carefully and visit the museum of Nikos Kazantzakis in the town of Mirtia.

Near the exit from the village, tourists go to the tasting hall of Milliarakis winery. Under one roof is a hall for tastings and a small exhibition of ancient wine equipment.

After the inspection of the halls and the sample of wines, tourists pour like a river into shops full of a variety of wines, honey, spices and much more.

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