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Paliani monastery

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Paliani monastery in Crete

One of the oldest monasteries in Crete is considered the Paliani convent. It has existed since the First Byzantine period of the 4th century BC. It turns out that at the moment he is more than a thousand years old. Unfortunately, during the time of Arab rule, the monastery was destroyed and then re-built in the Second Byzantine period of the 10-12 century.

After Venetian rule, the Turks replaced power. And in 1821, an anti-Turkish uprising broke out in Crete. The Turks completely plundered and set fire to the monastery and took all the nuns, prisoner. Therefore, now they are called new martyrs.

Only one nun was able to escape - Parthenia. A couple of years later, she rebuilt the monastery again. The girl bypassed all of Crete to collect donations for the construction of the cathedral.

Unfortunately, frequent earthquakes also had a negative effect on the condition of the temple. The most recent and largest devastation survived the temple in 1866 during the Cretan Revolution. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the monastery has acquired a large number of sisters, fertile lands, vineyards, and olive plantations.

Near the cathedral, one attraction grows - a myrtle tree. This is the famous sacred myth. Announcements say that this tree is an icon depicting the Virgin. Only this icon no one can see. They say that she opens her face only for young children. It is also believed that twigs and leaves of the tree have healing power. The abbesses of the monastery carefully monitor the condition of the tree. The tree gives special favor to women who want to have children.

In the monastery, there is another shrine - a piece of stone from the Holy Coffin of the Mother of God.

The monastery itself is located near the village of Venerato. Between them are hills of extraordinary beauty and vineyards.

How to reach?

The monastery stands 25 kilometers from Heraklion. The easiest way to get to him is by car through the New National Road. The most important thing is to focus on the signs Mires - Venerato - Paliani. In daylight, the temple is open to everyone.

A car for trips can be rented immediately at the airport of Crete upon arrival, or in one of the major cities of the island. This will not take much time and in general, there will be an opportunity to calmly without haste and a bunch of tourists to inspect the surroundings of the island of Crete.

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