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Museum of Crete

Museum of Crete in Heraklion

Museum of Crete in Heraklion

Everyone who comes to Crete is sure to visit Crete largest and most important museum. There are exhibits of Minoan civilization, as well as all exhibits that open the history of Crete over the past 5,500 years.
The collection of the collection still began in far 1878. Since then, excavations have begun to grow throughout the island and with them the same number of artifacts found. It was decided to build a museum, as the place was no longer enough for exhibits.
The archaeological museum is located on two floors. You will have the opportunity to look at ceramic products of Vasiliki style, jewelry made of gold and semi-precious stones. A variety of weapons and tools, ivory products from Archanes and Messara.
You will see the famous world-wide Fest disk with characters, which is printed on both sides. It depicts humans, plants, animals, tools and more. Still not decrypted at this time. Scientists suggest that it has inscriptions of a religious nature.

After the inspection of the second floor, you will get to the last hall on the ground floor, where sculptures of the Classical and Greco-Roman periods are exhibited.
Among them, a group of statues of the gods of Pluto and Persephone, which are depicted as Egyptian deities Sarapis and Isis, stand out especially. And next to Pluto sits humbly Cerber. This composition of sculptures serves as an example of religious syncretism, i.e. the unification of different religious currents and cults during the Greek and Roman periods.
Its only a small part of whats in the museum. He keeps a lot of mysteries and stories, thanks to which we can somehow have an idea of how people lived thousands of years ago, long before we appeared.

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