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Monasteries of Crete

Monasteries of Crete

Monasteries of Crete

The first thing Crete is an endless number of small churches. More than 800 churches of various kinds and sizes have been gathered here.

This is the perfect place for a wedding and baptisms.

Usually, churches are built on the very edge of a road going into the sea, or be built in a cave visor. They can be seen on top of a mountain or on the very edge of a cliff-hanging over the sea.

Favorite churches of tourists:

Church of St. Miron-the first Bishop of Crete.

St. Paul 's Church, built on the beach. It is in the place where St. Paul baptized people on his way to Rome.

Little Church of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker in Kotzifu Gorge

St. George 's Church near the famous Aldemar hotels in Hersonissos

St. Antonia Church is a cave church in the Mil Gorge.

And now a little interesting fact:

1. Once cave and mountain sanctuaries turned into places of worship of the Roman gods but only then became Christian temples.

2. During the Greek holiday of the Sacred Cross, the tradition of eating of fruits revives. Greeks collect special fruits; they are also called Cofinian apples. The fruits are then consecrated and given to pilgrims for eating.

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