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Matala Beach

in Crete

Matala Beach

Matala is one of the most popular places in Crete.

Clean seawater, golden beaches, small and cozy hotels made this place a paradise pleasure. The village and beach are close to the town of Heraklion. Matala is known for its artificial caves in rocks that indicate that people once lived here. There were several room like spaces in such caves.

But later in the 1st 2nd century AD, these caves were used as tombs. In the 70 years of the 20 century, Matala was loved by hippies from all corners of the globe, after which there was a misconception that Matala was the center of hippies. But after the collapse of one of the caves and the death of a man, the residents of the village banned hippies there. These caves are now under the protection of the Archaeological Service, but during the morning hours, anyone can visit the caves.

Matala is located between two mountains, thanks to which possesses, pleasant microclimate with mild winter and hot summer. On the west side, there are unique views for sunsets.

You can be sure of the absolute purity of seawater and beaches because from year to year Matala is awarded the award Blue Flag of Europe. In addition to clean beaches, they are also equipped for pleasant rest: sunbeds, umbrella, shower, rescue point, and cafeteria to quench thirst or hunger.

The village is not the quietest of Crete resorts. Its such a full fledged tourist destination. There are also many tourists, buses walking from train stations and a huge number of souvenir shops.

But despite all the above described Matala remains the place where you can fully enjoy nature and relax from the city fuss.

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