LuxTrans Crete | The Imbros Gorge after the Samarian gorge.

The Imbros Gorge

after the Samarian gorge.

The Imbros Gorge in Crete

The Imbros Gorge is the second most popular after the Samarian gorge.

It stretched seven kilometers. There are even places where mountains represent a very narrow road in the width of two meters and a height of 300 meters. Impressive picture. Intact and flora is full of diversity.

In the 1960s, a road was built quickly, which lies parallel to the gorge. But it's worth being extremely attentive. The road consists of serpentine. It is not rare to be reminded of this by remembered cars behind fences and signs. If you rent a car, you should be careful. By the way, the car can be rented directly at Crete Airport, or in any city on the island. Also, on the road, you will find several observation platforms, from where there is a fascinating view of the Imbros gorge.

It is best to go to the gorge from the south coast towards the village of Imbros. Then the gorge and observation platforms will be on the right side and will facilitate the descent into the gorge.

In order to fully feel the beauty of the gorge, it is worth walking through it. Gorge is not difficult to pass, even with children come for a walk. Approximately the passage time of the entire gorge is 2-3 hours, everything depends on how many stops you will make.

Remember that a sanitary fee is paid for the entrance to the gorge.

At the end of the gorge, you can order a taxi and you will be taken to the parking lot where you left your car.

And now a few tips for those about to go on a trip through the gorge:

1. Take as much water as possible

2. Put on comfortable footwear. The road to the gorge is uneven, you can accidentally be injured if you are in inappropriate shoes.

3. It is categorically not recommended to go to the gorge after rain. There may be collapses and flooding in some places.

Coordinates of the observation deck 35 °14′45.94″N 24 °10′00.77″E

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