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Heraklion Port

Heraklion Port in Crete

Heraklion Port

One of the most important sea hubs in Crete is the port of Heraklion.

It is divided into two  harbor: the old - Venetian harbor, serving in nowadays as historical value and the new - huge cargo port. They are located in the center of the city. This port is the third busiest of the other offshore hubs in Greece. Approximately 2.5 million people arrive here a year.

Ships operating in the port carry not only people and cargo, as well as cars. There is everything for tourists: cafes, restaurants, shops, offices of excursion offices and much more.

The most popular tourist destinations are Santorini and Piraeus. The latter is near Athens. The fleet is the most diverse, from the smallest boats to the giant size of cargo ships.

No one has forgotten those who want to get to another island by car. In the port, you can rent a car. Managers can quickly and qualitatively help you to pick up the machine for your tastes and preferences. Renting a car in Crete is the most profitable and convenient solution. With a rented car, you will be free and independent of tour bus schedules.

Come to Crete and enjoy your trips around the island! Have a good holiday!

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