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Crete Gorges

It attracts its history

 Gorges in Crete

Crete is the perfect island for rest. It attracts its history, golden beaches, and someone forever has the nature of the island in their heart.

The main attraction of the island is the mountains. They extended throughout the island square. They're all cut with gorges. Many of them have long been known by humans and studied along and across, with thousands of tourists visiting the island's gorges each year. And others also remained unknown.
Crete is ideal for walking through gorges. Here they are a wide variety, ranging from complexity to different types of relief and nature. And gorges are much cozier than mountain plateaus. Unlike the second gorges will be able to protect from the hot sun on a hot day. The study of gorges will be suitable for both professionals and beginners.
Let's immerse ourselves a little bit in terminology. The canyon is a mountain gorge in which water flows down the bottom. But in spoken speech, the canyon and gorge are synonyms. Especially when during the rainy season or melting snow, most of Crete Island's gorges become canyons.

For tourists who like to climb high rocks, overcome sharp changes in heights and cross the waters of the best gorges - Kalami, Arvi, and Tsutsuras. The island has more than a dozen gorges that are available for research. There are those where tourists come by crowds (excursions) and there are those known as extremes.
There are also gorges that can be visited even with children. They are quite simple and do not require special skills. One of them is Imbros. Its length is seven kilometers. The passage time is 2.5 hours. And there is a gorge in which you can move on the asphalt road - Feriso.
One of the most popular gorges is Samaria. He has roughly the third level of difficulty. A lot of tourists visit this gorge. There are natural springs with water, rescue workers work and the road is well treated. There is a strong height difference in some areas and the trail can run through rocky showrooms. The hike can take about 6-7 hours. And therefore, it is necessary to prepare well for it.

The most complex gorges in Crete are available only to professionals and very well-prepared tourists. Such gorges include Messona and Arvi. It's best to visit them with an instructor. There are many such companies on the island that are ready to provide their services. For example, the offices of the tourism association in the capital of Crete Iraklion  and Chania .
Such a trip will require comfortable shoes and clothes, as well as climbing equipment, such as ropes, hooks, hammers. Since there is still a chance to get lost and lost in the mountains, it is worth planning the full route and navigation before going. After the compilation it is necessary to consult with local instructors, they will definitely be able to give valuable information and warn about possible dangers. Also, before the trip, it is worth telling about the plans and approximate time of return to relatives or works of the hotel.

If you do not want a walk through the gorges to cause you a lot of inconveniences, it needs to be taken care of in advance. Wear comfortable shoes to fix securely on your leg, don't slide or slide. The best option will be special boots or sneakers. Be sure to take sunscreens and headgear with you to avoid a solar impact. Although there is a lot of vegetation in the gorges, in summer the sun in Crete is ruthless.

The clothes must be strong to avoid dunks because of the branches, but it must also be light and protected from the sun. Remember that the weather in the gorges may change depending on the time of day. It's cool in the morning and heat in the afternoon. In July usually, in the morning in gorges there is 10 ° C, and closer in autumn and the autumn itself there is even precipitation. So, the wind jacket won 't be unnecessary. And you'll need a membrane suit to go in the spring. Don't forget the good backpack. Don't carry things in your hands, in a bag or a regular bag. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also not safe for your life. Be sure to wear a helmet to protect your head. Rocks often occur in the mountains and even if a small bird accidentally drops the stone, the consequences may not be the most pleasant.

Pay special attention to routes, especially when you are going to visit difficult gorges. You should be sure of a good level of preparation, as the neighborhood here is diverse and gorges can be very different from each other and from the popular route. Practically all tracks of gorges on Crete have special marking and if you move in its direction, there may be no problems. Especially in the summertime, a large number of tourists move on them.


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