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Mili Gorge

in Crete

Mili Gorge Crete

In Crete a huge number of places that are worthy of visiting every tourist. We suggest you take a walk along the Mili Gorge.

You can reach the gorge by rental car. It's faster and easier than taking a bus or taxi. You can rent car in Crete Airport, or in any major city on the island.

Parking places to get into this gorge are not very large and all small sizes. If you walk up the gorge, you can find another entrance. It is the southernmost point of the trail.
The gorge is named after the mills. There are a huge number of mills here. They are located right on the slopes. But unfortunately, most mills are destroyed.

Once in this gorge was the village where the mills lived. Thanks to water mills, grain was processed here, which was taken from Rethymno and its surroundings.

Despite the fact that much in the gorge has become history, here you can find a couple of residential buildings and a tavern where you can fully enjoy delicious food and beautiful views.
It is interesting that the tavern is located on the opposite, concerning the road, a slope and to deliver in its products, it would be necessary to lower them at first, in the gorge, then to lift again, already to the tavern. It is inconvenient. To make life easier somehow, there was a rather original solution to the problem - through the gorge from the road to the tavern there was a cable road, on which now products are delivered.

Unfortunately, the relief forced the locals to withdraw from the village in 72 and move to the new village of Mili. The reason was the recognition that the condition of the slopes of the mountains is unsatisfactory and the risk of landslides is increased. And the old village fell into disrepair.

Gorge coordinates: 35 °20′15.12″N 24 °30′13.28″E

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