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Kurtaliotico Gorge in Crete

Will Hit You

Kurtaliotico Gorge in Crete

If you like mountains, you 'll love it. Kurtaliotico gorge will hit you with beauty and wind power with water.

You should stop at the viewing place and convince that there are so fascinating views that photos cannot convey everything you see and feel. In Kurtaliotico Gorge there are several attractions of Crete Island. These are Preveli monasteries and an ancient bridge over the river, and the church of St. Nicholas, a grove with palm trees that passes into Preveli beach.The gorge is located in the south-west of the island at the foot of the Kurup hill with the highest point of 984 meters. The gorge is quite long, starting from north to south, and its exit has a beautiful beach with the waters of the Libyan Sea.

You 'll need a car to move around the island more conveniently. The car can be rented at Crete Airport, or in any city on the island.
The descent to the gorge is well organized: there is parking, as well as a trail with a stone staircase. You 'll easily find an entrance along a huge stone arch on the side of the carriageway.
Next to the church you can take a little walk, make stone pyramids so that luck comes and have a little rest before the very beginning of the trip to the gorge.

The path itself begins if we turn right, pass on a stone bridge over the Preveli River and go down to the canal along which we pass the entire gorge.
If you have your own car you can walk a little along the canal, photograph waterfalls, swim in the water, and go back to the car - it doesn't take long, but cool frames on the photo film and the impression will remain with you for a long time.

On the elevation behind the bridge in the shadow of the pine is a tavern. Since there is no longer any tavern here, the crown of this one, this place automatically becomes perfect for lunch after a walk.

Coordinates of the observation deck 35 °11′39.38″N 24 °27′49.62″E

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