LuxTrans Crete | The gorge of Aradena in Crete like to do Bungy Jumping?

The gorge of Aradena in Crete

like to do Bungy Jumping?

The gorge of Aradena in Crete

The gorge of Aradena is completely unlike Imbros and Samarya. You only step to the entrance of the gorge and realize that the next few hours will be unforgettable.

The entrance is 580 meters above sea level next to the iron bridge. Here in summer people like to do Bungy Jumping.

You go on and you see an abandoned village because of blood enmity. Only Archangel Mikhail's church is preserved here. She has an unusual architecture.

After the village, we get to the entrance to the gorge and to the stone staircase that leads up. Sometimes under your feet, I can slip stones, which makes it a little bit loosening the nerves.
The gorge itself represents a multi-level path; it is so fascinating that you will not notice any difficulties. First, there is a flat and calm trail along the channel of the dried river, then a sharp rise and a path between huge boulders. Takes the breath away. Be sure to watch out for red labels that indicate a non-safe path.

The gorge is 5.5 meters long and the path itself is approximately 2.5 hours long. But rest assured that this journey will give you a sea of impressions.

A pleasant gift is a beach at the end of the gorge. Cold blue waters, rocky cliffs, and a huge fault Araden is fascinating and makes to stay here for another moment. There is a bar that on hot summer days is ready to offer a variety of tastes, as well as 5-6 rooms for those who would like to enjoy the loneliness of following the majesties of nature.

In order to reach the gorge, it is necessary to drive by road from the town of Hora Sfakion to the mountain village of Anopol, and then to pass 3.5 kilometers to the abandoned village of Aradena.

You can take a rental car to the Chora Sfacion. You can rent a car at Crete Airport, as well as in any city on the island. It is the most convenient for independent travel.

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