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cuisine of the island

Cuisine of the island Crete

Come to Crete and do not try the diverse and tasty cuisine of the island? Not in our case. Many know that people live here for a very long time and it is not only in a good climate and a mobile lifestyle but also in nutrition itself.

Yes, the cuisine cannot be called low-calorie, but the diet of residents is very balanced and includes not only meat but also a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and a huge amount of olive oil.

Very often, special recipes of Cretan dishes are inherited from generation to generation. Each dish should contain olive oil, cheese, and meat with vegetables.

There are many species of greenery on the island that you will not find or try in other countries. They are eaten both raw and boiled, stewed, and served with other dishes. Many herbs are also medicinal.

Mutton is most often consumed from meat, especially lamb ribs. And how without seafood, on an island surrounded on all sides by the sea? One of the most inexpensive local delicacies is considered stewed octopus htapodi. It is prepared in red wine under the sauce of sweet tomatoes.

As for desserts, in addition to different pastries, residents like dried fruits, walnuts, and almonds. Usually, all this is fueled with honey. According to statistics, islanders eat dried fruits and fresh fruits four times more than any other resident of Europe.

When you are in Crete it is advisable to avoid establishments with European and international cuisine. Go to the local tavern. And most importantly: the farther from tourist places there will be a tavern, the tastier and more unusual the dishes you can try.

A tavern is not just a place to eat. This is an important place for residents where in the evenings you can sit and chat with neighbors and meet new people.

Taverns are also often family businesses. And it happens that waiters and people working there are all members of the same family. You will certainly like the atmosphere in such institutions. It is warm and cozy in a special way. Sometimes the owner of the tavern can sit down with guests and just chat with them about everything on the spot.

Usually, almost every tavern serves bread free of charge as a snack with olive paste, or with traditional tsatsiki sauce. And a small piece of cake or freshly chopped fruits are served for free to the dessert.

And what about alcohol-free? The local drink, without which not a single feast is possible, is cicudya. Grape vodka, it tastes pleasant and is easily drunk, although it is 45 degrees. Also, homemade wine is often prepared on the island and each family has its own.  It has been very loved since ancient Greece.

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