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Balos Beach

Balos Beach lagoon

Balos Beach

Balos Beach is the most picturesque and hard-to-reach place on the island of Crete. Here you will be able to count dozens of shades of the sea because it is in this place there are three seas: Aegean, Ionic, and Libyan.

Crystal clear water and snow-white beaches wont leave you indifferent. The sea has a small Beach where your children will plow safely in the water.

Every year tens of thousands of people come to this islet to look live at a picture from a postcard or booklets.

Balos Beach is located on the north-west coast of Crete 50 kilometers from Hanya. As endemic plants and wild rabbits, species germinate here in addition to the landscape and seas, the site has become a protected and officially proclaimed conservation area under the Nature 2000 program.

Laguna Balos is separated from the sea by a line of sand. The water here is warm and not deep. The most pleasant thing is that there are no waves here, even when the sea from the Cretan banks’ storms. Since there are no trees on the island and no places to protect yourself from the sun, it is better to take care of sunscreens in advance.

The beach in the lagoon is wild, though there are sunbeds. For those who like to rest away from people without problems will find for themselves a quiet and tame place under the sun.

How to get to Balos:

By bus. Since 2014, during the high season, the local bus company has organized a special route from Chania to Kissamos, and after to Balos. This is the most optimal choice of movement to the Beach, but it is worth considering that from the final stop you will have a long descent, which on the way back will become tedious and difficult.

There is another option - to get by car. But good car rental companies prohibit driving through a dirt road to keep the car alive. The road is not equipped and the suspension with the wheels of the machine may simply not withstand the tests. According to the rules, the insurance does not cover damage to the car, which was received when traveling on dirt roads. That the off-road vehicle rented in Crete has the same insurance.

The best and safest option is a little boat trip. From the port of Kissamos, the Beach can be reached by ship. If you dont want to think on your own how to get there, we recommend buying cruise tickets. You can buy them by clicking this link

If you are still an independent traveler, you can get to the village of Kissamos by rental car, and then buy a boat ticket in the port itself. The price varies from 27 euros per passenger over 13 years of age. Those tourists who are not limited in money can rent boats. Price from 150 euros. The only downside is the price, but you will be able to go to Balos at any time suitable for you and from the crowd of tourists.

What to do in the Beach:

On the north side of the Balos lagoon are the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Agnion. According to writers, the Apollo Temple once stands here.
The village of Kissamos was previously mentioned. It is a resort town with pleasant prices, beautiful embankment, beaches, and taverns. In the village, you can visit the Archaeological Museum to take a look at artifacts from ancient cities near the resort town.

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