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Waterfalls of Argyroupoli

Waterfalls in Crete

Waterfalls of Argyroupoli in Crete

Traveling around Crete by car, do not miss such beauty as the waterfalls of Argyroupoli. This place will definitely leave a mark in your memory as one of the fabulous and beautiful places. Unimaginable platans, plenty of fruit trees, taverns with mangling smells of freshly prepared food.

There are streams everywhere, small waterfalls flow. This is a powerful and huge underground water system that will flow into the sea. In some places, sources of crystal ice water break right from the ground, which you can pit right here. This is a real paradise garden, where silence and coolness reign in the heart of heat.

The current village of Argyroupoli is located on the site of the ancient city of Lappa. Not far from here was found a necropolis of the Roman period. Walking through the area, you can stumble upon the ruins of the houses of those times. The village itself is completely green, it is simply shrouded in nature and centuries-old history.

After a long walk through the area, you can eat delicious lunch in small taverns. Beautiful views of nature and tasty Cretan food, consisting of sturgeon, lamb, and trout - what a tired and hungry tourist needs.

How to reach?

Argyroupoli can be reached by car. This is the most convenient. And the car itself can be rented at any airport in Crete, or in a large city on the island.

First, you need to turn off the main national road, about in the Episkopi beach area, deep into the island, and drive along with the Argyroupoli Springs index to the village of Argyroupoli. The most pleasant thing is that parking is free.

The place does not require much physical strength to climb mountains and rocks, it is possible to come here with the whole family and even with children, since the area is ennobled, and walking on it gives pleasure. Children will probably like waterfalls and sturgeons floating in small pools of taverns.

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