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About Luxury Car rental

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About Luxury Car rental in Crete

About Car hire in Crete - for us it has long been a guarantee of a successful and interesting holiday.

And, for it to be, it is necessary not to make a mistake with the choice of the rental car company, the car itself, full insurance. And we in our time, however ashamed to admit, were wrong, wishing to save, then made serious conclusions, tried different options of insurance, changed companies, in general, saved experience. More precisely, and now we continue to accumulate it, and even there is a big note about it on our website about Crete: What is worth knowing about the rental car? Here briefly we will answer the questions which are most often asked by friends: why to rent the car on the island, where exactly, how, how much is, what needs to be known, etc.?


Why do we rent a car in Crete?
What for?
How can you make no mistake?
Where do we hire the car ourselves?
What is the cost of renting a car in Crete?
Which car on Crete is best chosen?
It is very important to know and remember!

Why do we rent?
Well, we just don 't have any idea of a holiday on the island without a car rental Crete. Crete is not only a great beach near the hotel, here are famous attractions, and picturesque cities, villages, and majestic mountains, and unique beaches, such as, for example, Elafonisi or Balos, and unforgettable communication with incredibly welcoming locals, and thousands of kilometers of roads, storing a million unsettled mysteries. It is enough simply to step over the threshold of the hotel and wrap what is called, around the corner, figuratively expressing, of course.

By the way, looking at the map, don’t make a hasty conclusion, in fact, Crete is huge, truly endless. We are not the first decade to travel around the island and over the years we are more and more aware that even in our entire lives we will not be able to learn it completely.

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