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Rent car in Crete petrol or diesel

With which gearbox is it better

Rent a car in Crete petrol or diesel?

Earlier for us, it was an important issue, as diesel fuel in Crete cost significantly cheaper than gasoline, at the same time the rental diesel cars came out more expensive (as we said, many rental firms take diesel cars to a separate class). But, since for each holiday we roll around the island on average more than 2500 km, even by renting a more expensive diesel machine, we saved markedly on fuel. In recent years, as the difference in the cost of diesel and petrol has become less significant, we have ceased to attach so much importance to this issue.

With which gearbox is it better to rent a car?

An important question, because it is necessary to understand that on Crete there are many mountain roads and riding should be as comfortable and safe as possible. Accordingly, who is better able to drive on which box, such a car is better and rent. Advantages and disadvantages (my personal sensations):

More comfortable riding.
Renting a car with an automatic transmission usually costs more than with mechanical.
On the machine, it is worth preparing for more fuel consumption.

Renting a car on mechanics will cost less than with Automatic Transmission.
Lower fuel consumption.
The ability to manually switch to reduced gear at any time if the car lacks power. This is especially true in the mountains of Crete.
Less comfortable riding, you have to be more distracted. On the other hand, we in a car school studied driving on the ICPP, all our lives we control such cars, so everything is brought to automatism.
And again, it is important to understand that it is to some extent a safety issue, so if driving on mechanics feels at least the slightest uncertainty, it is not worth risking and saving on the rental of a car with Automatic transmission, especially on vacation.

It is very important to know and remember:
• When receiving a car, in the presence of a representative of the rolling company, it is necessary to carefully examine the whole car (both inside and outside) for possible damage, defects. Ideally, it would be nice to start the engine, check the operability of the transmission, brakes, headlamps, equipment inside the car (air conditioner, car stereo, glass collectors, etc.). If any defects are detected, you should point them to the representative and, if possible, mark them in the contract.

• Most often, the rules of rental companies require the return of a car with the same level of fuel with which it was rented. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the level of fuel the machine is rented. This data is usually also entered into the contract.

• Insurance conditions of most companies prohibit travel on dirt roads. In other words, any damage caused to a car outside of equipped roads is not covered by insurance and it will have to be compensated from its pocket. It is important to know that this ban is relevant for all types of cars, including those for off-road vehicles.

• Not all car rental companies in Crete are ready to guarantee the rental of a specific machine of a certain model, color, etc. However, in any case, it will be one of the cars from the selected group. We, if there is a desire to get a certain model of auto, write about it in advance in a note or in a letter to the rolling office. As a rule, if possible, in Cretan companies meet without problems. In general, personally, for us the moment plays the most key role.

• If you have ordered a car in advance, do not believe anyone's interests, do not change your decision. Unfortunately, on the second trip to Crete, they got caught up in the ruse of a guide who, on his way to the hotel, reproached us for having booked a car in advance at an independent firm, not through his partners. I was scared that, if anything happened, no one would help us. He encouraged us to give up that armor and book a car at his firm, promising us all support. We did something stupid, believed it, and agreed. As a result, we were sent an old car, saying that the one that we "wanted to give" at the last moment broke, cheering with the words: "You do not buy it to yourself," overpayment in 2 weeks amounted to 270 euros (obviously a guide for mediation), and when there were problems with brakes, the guide from us also started running - such a kind of support. Since then, we have not changed our decisions under any circumstances.

• If there is a technical problem during the operation of the car, this should be immediately reported to the office of the company in which it was rented. Normally, if urgent repairs are not possible, a vehicle from the same class or class above will be provided for replacement.

• In the event of an accident or other damage to the car, it is first necessary to contact the hiring company, to tell in detail what happened, under what circumstances and strictly follow further instructions. You'll probably have to call the police and the insurance agent. A more detailed action plan should be clarified with the representative of the company during the acceptance of the car. This is also a very important moment!

• And the main thing, it is necessary not to forget to take a camera with you on a trip, because literally, every turn on Crete carries in itself new discoveries, adventures, delight, somewhere funny moments, somewhere riddles, and somewhere, breathtaking landscapes!
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