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What is the cost of rent car

in Crete

What is the cost of renting a car in Crete?

The exact figure to answer this question is extremely difficult, because the price of renting a car in Crete may depend on several factors: Car class (the lower the class, the cheaper rental rental car Crete), from the time of year (so, in the season car rental will cost much more than in the non-season), from the term of rental (the longer the car takes, the cheaper the cost of rental per day), from the type of engine and transmission, etc.


1. If the circumstances allow, for example, we go only together, we can take rental car class lower, which will cost.

2. We rent a car for the whole trip. First of all, we are so much more comfortable - to take a car immediately at the airport (Chania Airport, Heraklion Airport, Kastelli Airport and etc.) or seaport and go to the hotel, already enjoying Crete. The same thing on the way back - we give up the car just before we leave. And with suitcases, it's so easier to travel. Second, in Crete, the longer a car is rented, the cheaper the daily hire cost comes out.

3. After the first three trips to Crete, they stopped renting cars through intermediaries: guides, hotel representatives at the reception. Whatever the guide convinced us on our third trip, no matter how scary, allegedly no one but him will help us, what happens, as a result, the guide himself self-lost when there were brake problems in the car. And overpayment for his mediation then turned out to be very tangible. Yes, most likely, it was a problem of one specific guide, but, in any case, renting a car in Crete directly at the rental firm later cost us markedly cheaper than through intermediaries.

4. If there are long-distance trips, we prefer to rent a diesel car. Let the rent itself cost a little more (often diesel cars are brought to a separate class), but diesel fuel in Crete costs less than gasoline (although in recent years the difference in the cost of diesel and gasoline in Crete has become less noticeable).

5. Most often we rent a car in Crete with a manual transmission, which significantly reduces the total cost of the rent. But it is important to note that Crete is dominated by mountain roads and, if there is no sufficient experience of driving an auto on a mechanical box, it is better not to save and rent a car with an automatic transmission.

6. Finally, it is worth understanding that in companies trying to maintain the fleet of their cars in good condition, to buy new cars, the price for rent will be not lower, or even slightly higher than the average price level of most companies operating in Crete. And in this matter we have stopped saving because the car should be in excellent technical condition - it is a guarantee of safety and carefree rest.
However, to show how different the rental price can be, take into account only one of the above factors: seasonality, give an example, based on the cost taken in the company where we most often rent a car Lux Trans Crete Car


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