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Where do we rent our own cars

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Where do we rent our own cars?

It was enough for us for many years to rent "adventures," then the car to the airport will not be brought, then with insurance will be deceived, then the frank automobile stuff will be sent.

A separate conversation is a puncture of the wheel, which happens to us in Crete at least once a year (or a sharp rock stone lies in the middle of the road, more often a screw).

Why exactly did you remember the punctures?

It's just that they, like the chips on the glass, the hood, happen most often, at least to us. On the first trips to the island of Crete, trying to save on insurance, actually got on with this item. As practice has shown, not all rolling companies rush to compensate for damage, starting to look into our pocket.

At that time, for our trouble, we were looking for some unknown rental offices, only to spend less money (yes, then, unfortunately, it seemed to us a good idea), not read carefully enough into the terms of the contract and insurance.

Now in Crete we have stopped experimenting and rent cars in just a two companies that have long won our trust: The New Crete Car Rental end Lux Trans Crete Car Rental

And, if missed time and cars of the necessary categories in those companies end, several times very much helped the site of the company Lux Trans Crete which searches for free cars on several, which is important, local rental company in Crete, giving search results on one page, which is convenient. First of all, it is pleasant that in all listed companies all conditions and rules are declared in the most detailed and transparent manner possible.

 Moreover, with the first two companies on their experience passed through several accidents. Yes, unfortunately, it is not worth thinking that "with me it is impossible," the road - it is everywhere road, and accidents on vacation - it is still stress. So, we did not have any problems, in the end, compensation of all losses fell on the shoulders of insurance.
 By the way, what concerns the punctures of wheels, so here all two listed companies proved to be excellent.

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