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What for car in Crete

To see the island 

What for car in Crete? 

Indeed, after all on Crete very well developed bus network, taxi, transfer services.

Naturally, in all these modes of transport, we also travel periodically. However, in our opinion, every day traveling around the island by taxi is expensive, and moving on buses means depending on the schedule, the specific route, transfers, shorter, to some extent be limited in movement. By renting a car, we are provided to ourselves, here, and independence from the schedule, and great freedom of movement.

How can you make no mistake?

1. You can never save on insurance for anything. And also it is not worth believing in the word, like, "full insurance, rent, there will be no problems." Unfortunately, we earlier on vacation lost vigilance, trusted strangers, wishing to save, as a result, a couple of times got in very unpleasant situations and on excessive spending. Therefore, it is necessary to read the contract, and in the insurance that is most often found in Crete, their abbreviations, of course, it is better to understand in advance, so that then there are no unexpected "surprises." In particular, we always pay special attention to the issue of a franchise, bottom insurance, stew, and wheels. All this was detailed here: Types of car insurance in Crete.

2.  We prefer to reserve the car in advance and on the Internet because: First of all, it allows you to prepare properly, read the reviews, learn more about a rental company, not in a hurry to study all the rules, conditions of rent and insurance. After all, at home time doesn’t press so and there is no sense of guilt that we can detain someone.

Several times decorated the car on the spot, that is, already resting in Crete, but every time did not leave the feeling that we will rent the car blind, because, being already excited from the sun, sea, rest, limited in time (We are expected to make a decision, and it is also uncomfortable to detain people with our verbalism, which in this case is justified), It is incredibly difficult, while in the company's office, to read into the contract and try to understand all nuances of the rules of a particular car rental company.

Closer to the lease term, as a rule, there are fewer and fewer suitable rental cars, and on the spot, and at all, sometimes faced the fact that it was already necessary to rent cars of a very common series "take what is left."

3.  Renting a car is better at one of the proven rental companies. Yes, it is necessary to re-read many reviews, ideally, on different sites to try to exclude custom messages. Yes, perhaps the rental of the car will cost more, by the way, not because of the "name" of the company, but because the price initially includes honest and the most complete insurance, the supply of a technically serviceable, well-maintained, newer car, etc., and when issuing the contract it will no longer be necessary to listen: "It is necessary to pay for this option in insurance, as well as for it, for this." After all, it is a vacation that I would not like to ruin at all.

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