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Instructions pickup end dropoff

Instructions on car delivery and return

1. Instructions for Airport. With your flight number, our staff will be waiting for you at the airport, holding a sign with your name end surname.

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cuisine of the island

Crete cuisine

Come to Crete and do not try the diverse and tasty cuisine of the island? Not in our case. Many know that people live here for a very long time and it is not only in a good climate and a mobile lifestyle but also in nutrition itself.

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Waterfalls in Crete

Waterfalls of Argyroupoli

Traveling around Crete by car, do not miss such beauty as the waterfalls of Argyroupoli. This place will definitely leave a mark in your memory as one of the fabulous and beautiful places. Unimaginable platans, plenty of fruit trees, taverns with mangling

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monasteries in Crete

Paliani monastery

One of the oldest monasteries in Crete is considered the Paliani convent. It has existed since the First Byzantine period of the 4th century BC. It turns out that at the moment he is more than a thousand years old.

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Samarya National Park

Samaria Gorge

Samarya National Park itself is protected by UNESCO since the reserve is home to rare species of flora and fauna. More than 200,000 people come here every year. Before you gather on a trip along the gorge, evaluate your strength. For a walk, you will need

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The Best Beach in Crete

Seitan Limania

The name of the beach Seitan Limania can be a little wary of a person who is not familiar with the less famous beaches of Crete. This is really a miracle of the nature of devilish beauty! An incredibly bright turquoise color sea, rocks, sun, wild beach ma

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Spinalonga Island Crete

Spinalonga Island

The ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates wrote about her, but probably confused with psoriasis.

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It attracts its history

Crete Gorges

Crete is the perfect island for rest. It attracts its history, golden beaches, and someone forever has the nature of the island in their heart.

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like to do Bungy Jumping?

The gorge of Aradena in Crete

The gorge of Aradena is completely unlike Imbros and Samarya. You only step to the entrance of the gorge and realize that the next few hours will be unforgettable.

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Will Hit You

Kurtaliotico Gorge in Crete

If you like mountains, you 'll love it. Kurtaliotico gorge will hit you with beauty and wind power with water.

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