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Crete Island is famous for its matchless nature. Greeks learned to use nature gifts and made many various resorts. One such resort is a former fishing village, located in the East of Crete Island.

This is a fashionable resort where the most influential people and show business stars are meeting together. Its resorts are famed for huge territories, golf grounds, courts, and even helipad, also you can be surprised by prices, and many of them reach six-digit numbers in euros for only one night. If you`re looking for a premium resort, then this is for you.

But what so strongly attracts visitors besides flavorful resorts? As you know, Elounda is a former fishing village. It’s located in Mirabello Bay from the West and surrounded by a peninsula that closes the Bay from the East. Thanks to this, the Bay is protected from strong winds and sea states. Here the water keeps its warm for a long time, so you can come to the resort in late autumn. The climate here is a hospitable and has a favorable health impact because sunny days here are much more than in the western part of the Island.

The pleasure from the rest you will be able to get from cleaned golden beaches, not for nothing the resort is awarded the award “Blue Flag of Europe”.

But the most important sight is on Spinalonga Island, located near Elounda. The fortress built by the Venetians played one of the significant roles in the life of the Island. Nowadays, it’s one of the most visited fortresses on the island Crete.

Therefore, Elounda is able to combine the simplicity of the Greek village and the luxury of the most expensive resorts. In these places, you will be able to rest as elite segments of the population and as an ordinary tourist. Here you will plunge into the world of calmness from the city fuss, enjoying a quiet family holiday, sea entertainment and active walks for fans to actively rest. We wish you a pleasant trip and unforgettable experiences!

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