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Are you ready to believe that paradise exists? If yes, then listen. In Island Crete located former fishing village named Bali. Once you get there you will fall in love with this place at first sight and you will want to be here again and again. Any person on vacation in Bali will tell you that this is exactly where you need to heal your soul and fill up it with a sea of positivity.

This resort is very appreciated by romantic couples, families with children and tourists tired of the city fuss. There are no places to hang out here. But there are sandy beaches, narrow streets with cute houses, teasing the appetite of smells from some cafeteria or restaurant. Bali is appreciated for its relaxed atmosphere, calm and majestic nature.

The village is located on the north coast of Crete Island. Its like its drowning in emerald: everything is patchy and smelling. The village has an interesting translation from Turkish, meaning "honey." Thats because very hard-working honey-making bees live here. Nectar at them turns out to be excellent, actually, then and famous small village.

TBali has a beautiful location at the intersection of roads to the cities of Heraklion and Rethimno and will be suitable for fans to travel around the area: dare to rent a car at any rental point and go to study the area of Crete. Everything on the island is accessible to guests of the picturesque village.

At the same time the resort village is small, it can be bypassed in just an hour. This is a great opportunity to walk for people who love active rest. You can walk through the beautiful beaches of the village. The coastline is divided into several bays, which will result in fascinating views of the sea and the rocks surrounding the bays. A beautiful Instagram feed is definitely provided to you.

Bali  resort village is a paradise corner, falling in love with every traveler. The perfect option to relax with your family or with your other half. After the vacation you will have only pleasant memories, warming the soul in cold weather. Bali is beautiful, and its waiting for you!

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